The first time you hear the anime title and you have no idea of what the anime about, you might picture it as an anime about school, you are somewhat correct but it’s not totally about school instead its an interesting stories about dead walkers.

The story starts in a high-school background where a depressed student Takashi Komuro sulking about his childhood friend who had left him finds some zombies attacking their institute so he runs into his classroom and alerts everyone, next he finds that the the thing he had saw on the gate has already been spread throughout his school. Then his childhood friend Rei Miyamoto and he heads out in search of a those who are not infected or turned into zombies, in the process Rei’s boyfriend for whom she had left Takashi turns into zombie through a bite got while saving Rei. This was tragic in for Rei and Takashi as he had to kill him before their friend turns into one of the undead’s.

They make the plan to escape from that surrounding and survive somehow, thus finding new companions, a chubby nerd Kouta Hirako who’s a good friend of Takashi apparently good at handling guns, a girl Saya Takashi who kind of have a crush on Takashi but super intelligent with stunning curves, a busty nurse Shizuka Marikawa some what airhead but only adult in the group, a killing machine Saeko Busujima tall and stunning hot who is expert at handling the sword and a killing intent, this are the people which they grouped while escaping from the school and later on a kid Alice Maresato and a puppy,

On the way of their escape they find some people devastated by surrounding loosing their families, desperate and ways to deal with them, they learn many things about this disease like god knows what thing which is spread around.

This anime is categorized as horror anime and it does gives chills, but I would say its adult oriented with lot of brute killing of dead of-course not alive humans


The plot of the anime is basically survival from the undeads which is cause a human to become walking dead when bitten by them, the person dies and wakes up dead. The team who is lead by Takashi learns many things about hem and how to survive from them, the subplot can be said that the relationship between each other improves understanding each other from hardcore. They go out searching for their families if they are alive or not and regroup at a safe place.


The survival teams basically consists of students and a kid with one adult who is a nurse. Each one possessing different skill sets, thus everyone is designed uniquely with different mind set.


The anime is mind-blowing and with a different approach to animation which you wont find in any other anime, the story is intense filled with horror and struggle to survive in the world of dead’s. You’ll find it mature understanding the tough situation and copping up with it.


I actually had watched this anime in chilly winter giving me goosebumps with every terrifying encounter with the zombies, still it made it amazing to watch it, Should you watch it?, in my opinion I would suggest that if you are looking for a storyline then it’s not that of a thing just the survival, but if you are looking for something adventurous filled with thrills then definitely go for it.

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