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Saitama is the protagonist from One Punch Man anime/manga, he is literally overpowered character for whom no fight is impossible and he is actually the One Punch Man just takes one punch to finish the task and Just a Hero for Fun. His routine for power up was 100 sit-up’s,100 Push-up’s, 100 squats and 10 km running everyday which made him what he is today.

He is the strongest human in One Punch Man universe so far, but not many people knows how strong Saitama is except for some, The considered people are only from Anime and Manga illustrated by Yusuke Murata and writen by One not from original webcomic, so let’s count them down.

Dr. Genus

Dr. Genus is the genius scientist who believe in evolution of the society by artificial mutation of human. He is the founder of House of Evolution. Saitama caught Dr. Genus’s eye when he effortlessly destroyed Mosquito Girl. And when Dr. Genus sent his mutated fighters to retrieve Saitama they where destroyed and later when Saitama and Genos went to the Lab of Dr. Genus he witnessed the destruction of Carnage Kabuto. Thus his theory about Saitama that he has removed his Limiter on growth which is placed on every human being by God, as a result allows Saitama with formidable power. Actually Dr. Genus is the only one who knows that Saitama don’t have limit on his strength.


Genos before becoming a S-class hero was in search of a Cyborg who had actually destroyed his home village. But when in fight against Mosquito Girl he was scrapped and was about to self-destruct when came in Saitama and saved him from self-destruction with a slap and ka-boom of mosquito girl. Later Genos realized Saitama’s strength and insisted Saitama to take him as his disciple. Genos believe’s that there is no match for Saitama in a fight, and always tries his best to come close to his Saitama’s level by challenging.

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

His a ninja and contract assassin who believes that no one can beat him in speed. His first encounter with Saitama was in wood’s where he mistook Saitama as Bald terrorist and tried to fight him but his attacks were seemingly blocked by Saitama withease. Later on many occasion Speed tried revenge on Saitama but everytime failed one occasion being Speed’s multiple image technique but it was countered by Saitama easily by moving quickly side by side creating more images then Speed. Speed don’t know how strong is Saitama but he believes that he is worthy opponent for him, even gauging hero’s of Hero association as weaklings against him.

Silver Fang

His the S-Class no. 3, he first saw Saitama smashing dragon level disaster Meteorite and was curios about his technique and asked to join his Dojo, but Saitama refused the offer. Bang have the idea about Saitama’s strength but don’t exactly knows what he his capable of. Bang was more amused when he saw S-class hero’s like Genos and King hanging out with Saitama, and Genos as the disciple of Saitama.


She is B-class no. 1, so she feared if Saitama outranked her so she asked Saitama to join her Gang and be one of them, to which Saitama refused but overconfident fubuki showed Saitama who she was with her telekinesis power but she was eventually brought to her knees by Saitama. She knows the measure of Saitamas strength but not exactly and frequently insist him to join her Gang.


King is S-class hero rank 7, but was discovered by Saitama and coward and weakling. King has witnessed Saitama’s strength multiple time and always relies on Saitama to as his ass from monster’s and eat his credit.

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His the S-Class hero rank 8, he is undead , he found the nature of Saitama’s strength from Dr. Genus who is the creator of Zombieman, about the limiter removal from Saitama and no limit to his strength. But Zombieman actually has not witnessed Saitama in real battle yet.

Metal Knight  – Bofoi

His the S-class rank 6 hero actually a scientist who uses robots to fight, he caught onto Saitama when he saw rapid progress in ranking of Saitama and didn’t considered it as cheating, and said that he has to monitor him. I won’t say Metal knight knows about Saitamas Strength but he has a close eye on Saitama and his strength.


There has been many instances where many other Heros has witnessed Saitama’s strength but they ignored it as the fluke or a cheating done by him, like in the case of child emperor where his invented glasses measures the strength of people not capable of measuring Saitamas strength and cracked so Child emperor considered his as the weakling not worthy enough to be measured by those glasses or don’t have enough strength.

Within Opponents Saitama faced off against only Boros who came from outer universe to fight his destined opponent which he apparently believed was Saitama, didn’t had slightest of idea how strong Saitama was and couldn’t defeat him and was the only opponent who acknowledged his strength.

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