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I feel it was kind of unfair for keeping out Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizuiro from Ichigo’s fighting gang which included Orihime, Uryu and Chad who takes up the task to fight hollows which wondered around the town in search of souls that might be alive or dead.

Uryu was quincy and he had trained over that power but Chad and Orihime had potential for their respective powers which was triggered by Ichigo due to his overflowing spiritual power.

But in case of Tatsuki who seemed majorly affected by Ichigo’s spiritual power exposure instances like when she and Orihime were attacked by Ohirime’ hollowfied brother and saved by Ichigo, but those memories were erases by Rukia. But at some point she started seeing Hollows, Shinigami and souls.

Tatsuki seem’s worried about Orihime but Orihime always hided the fact that she used to fight Hollows and wonder around in danger zone. Ichigo and everyone always hide this thing from their friend, even though it was for their safety it was like betraying your friendship by keeping secret. Everytime something happen like appearance of hollow all four run for it with some crazy excuses keeping Tatsuki and other in loop of unknowing.

Living aside Keigo and Mizuiro, Tatski was different from them she was the first person who befriended with Ichigo and she understood him very-well. Tatsuki was very caring about Orihime.

I wonder if she also had awakened any special powers like Orihime and Chad, it would have been great to see a tomboy character brawling around. And a second female character on the group of Ichigo. Relationship-wise Tatsuki would have had an edge over Orihime with Ichigo since they were close from the childhood. who know it might have ended with Ichigo and Tatsuki together.

Overall it would have been nice to see Tatsuki on battle with her unique power.

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