Some may not agree about that or some may agree, some fans even consider Sanji on equal base with Zoro a.k.a Pirate hunter. Is Sanji really the 2nd strongest ?.

That’s exactly what I’m gonna discuss in this post.

Sanji before joining Straw hat pirates was working in Baratie a floating restaurant ship as a Chef, Sanji was asked by Luffy to join his crew just because they needed a chef but guess what they actually hit a jackpot, getting a dream chef that actually impossible to be found on a pirate ship.Sanji’s dream is to find the all blue which he believe exist but no one else, to fulfill his dream he joined Straw hat in search of All blue.

His dressing sense is somewhat too much unique which is black suit totally formal, not that there are any dress code set for pirates. And his trade mark trait being flirt whenever see a beautiful hot chick, he almost died after 2 year time skip when first saw Nami and Robin because of nose bleed. Which makes him vulnerable to Female fighter as he would never fight a women no matter what.

Sanji uses his foot to fight, when fighting it is set on fire (Don’t know if it is actual fire) that’s why he is called Black leg Sanji. He only uses his Leg because he believes that his hands are meant for cooking which are not to be dirtied because of fighting. And he is Damn strong in-terms if fighting, a reliable fighter in Straw hat arsenal. He even developed the ability of Skywalk one of his own in Straw hat’s.

Is Sanji the 2nd Strongest straw hat?

In my opinion Sanji is not as strong as Zoro because zoro’s fighting style is way different. Now I considered Zoro in comparison because Zoro is considered the strongest Straw hat after Luffy, since this post orients around the 2nd strongest fighter in Straw hat pirates.

If considered training Zoro has received or done intense training like a mad man, even his jaw would be having muscle buff’s if inspected and Zoro is ruthless when it comes to fighting. But Sanji was originally to weak leading to hatred even by his own father with a soft heart, but he was later strengthened because of hardship and Zeff.

The reason Sanji is considered 2nd strongest is because of his Bounty, it is well known that a pirates strength is recognized from his bounty or a way of identifying one’s strength. Which is imposed by the World Government according to the threat from that pirate.

After the Whole cake island arc, bounties of straw hat pirates were updated making Sanjies bounty jump to 330 million belly making him the 2nd highest in-terms of bounty after Luffy who stands at 1.5 billion belly, in comparison to Zoro who was missing from that arc having 320 million belly bounty, which is 10 million less then Black Leg. Which ultimately make Sanji second strongest on paper though.

Technically the world would consider Sanji as the 2nd strongest in Straw hat, that’s no joke bounty over 300 million which is considered elite pirate’s and ultimate threat.

My Thoughts…

I consider Sanji as a strong fighter no less then Zoro but not equal to Zoro, seems hypocritical right. But Sanji is reliable, Strong and destructible with his Leg flying around. On top of that he is an excellent chef.

Thanks for reading…

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