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One piece has released its chapter 930 which we were waiting over a week break. This post features the review of the same.

Spoilers ahead


-One of the town in Wano has featured named Ebisu town, the story of the people in this town is same as other people in other wasteland’s, everyone suffering from starvation and poverty.

-Zoro arrives in this town with Tonoyasu, with whom he was wondering for last couple of chapters.

-A new character is introduced named Witching Hour Boy who helps the people of this town by stealing from rich and giving it to poor. While Zoro senses someone around.but this character is still unknown.

-The people of the Ebisu town are shown cheerful even in poverty they remain happy and smile, something different shown till now in Wano arc.

Biggest news of the arc…

Big Mom Pirates arrives, trying to infiltrating Wano through Waterfall connecting Wano.

-Big Mom Pirates are with top executives coming after Luffy (probably for revenge) and for taking back the Zeus, who is with Nami.

-Kaido seems tensed ordering his underlinks to stop her, and mentions that if she manages to enter Wano it would a all out war for which they are not prepared.

King one of the commander of Kaido shows up to stop Big Mom, and he even successes at stopping to enter Wano down the Waterfall.

Back in Flower Capital

-The chase of Soba shop owner continues aka Sanji. Law insists Sanji, Franky, Usopp not to tell anything about their plan even if they were caught and not to engage in the battle.

-One of the flying fighter appears and and starts breaking the shops, and ask the owners to shout Sangoro to come out.

-Sanji finally decides to showup and smashes the flying fighters head in ground with one kick.

-The plan of Sanji is to stay hidden his identity and fight by using The Raid Suit.

Note: One Piece will be on a one week break.

thanks for reading.

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