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This review is about the latest One Piece manga chapter 931. Manga is continuing after one week break. Latest unavailing being Sanji’s Raid Suit, Robin is Caught and Big Mom appears.

Warning: If you guys don’t want to get spoiled about manga then I recommend not reading this review.


-The battle between Sanji and one of the member of the flying six named buy Lyrica canadabegins.

-In order to hide identity Sanji decides to use Germa66 Tech the Raid Suit. Which is apparently named the Stealth Black the info given by Trafalgar Law, who seemed to know a lot about the suit and Germa66 since Law originate from North Blue and so the Germa66 and top of it hates them.

-The Suits ability seemed to be swift movement almost making its user invisible or can’t be followed by eyes (as Franky says).

-Sanji seems to have upperhand but Page One blows Sanji’s kick away just with one knock. Their battle continues and as Law, Usopp and Franky decides to scatter out.

At the same time in Flower city

-Orochi’s gathering continues under its light Robin gets to work.

-Robin seems to be in search of Poneglyph, trying to find the way to reach the Poneglyph.

-She is caught by Orochi’s personal ninja squad named The Orochi Oniwabanshu, which consists of several ninjas serving under Orochi, who’s captain is Fukurokuju, who asks Robin to explain herself as what she was doing

-Seems like Robin got herself in tight spot there.

Shifting to Kuri-Kuri beach

-Bunch of Chopper, Momonosuke, O-tama and O-kiku walking around the beach( guess so).

-They find a huge person lying on the ground seems like came floating in from the Sea.

-Chopper’s seems horrified as the person turns out to be Big Mom, out all of them Chopper is the only one who knows what monster she and tries to kill her in sleep.

-But Big Mom wokes up and asks them who am I ?

The Biggest twist and turn of event ever in One Piece ever

My thought’s

I never expected something like this to happen in one piece, in my opinion if Big Mom has really lost her memories then it would be the biggest event ever happened in this Wano arc even overriding the fight between Luffy and Kaido.

With this happening lot of things which one couldn’t even thought of might happen.

One being Big Mom getting on Straw Hat pirates side…ahem just kidding but possible.

Thanks for reading.

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I'm just a anime freak loves to watch them and share my thoughts.

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