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We are in whole cake island arc where half of the Straw hat are trying to rescue Sanji from Big Mom, their struggle continues.

Anime: One piece

Episode no: 868

Title: “One Man’s Determination! Katakuri’s Deadly Big Fight!”


-The fight between Luffy and Katakuri continues, Luffy unable to stand due to fatal piercing from Katakuri’s Mogura(trident).

-Katakuri’s sister Frampe making fun of Luffy who is trying to recover from Katakuri’s blow.

-Later Katakuri realizes that it was Frampe whose silent gun shot injured Luffy making Luffy loose control and get hit by Katakuri’s attack.

-Katakuri reveals what he his under his scarf and hits himself with same blow as Luffy to get on equal bases as Luffy.

-Big Mom following wedding cake which is carried by Bege’s ship to Liqueur Island, but Chiffon insist Bege to take it to Fluffy island so that Big Mom don’t follow straw hats after recovery from trauma.

-Straw hat followed by Smoothie who is attaching them with her slashes of her blade, Straw hat barely dodging it with Ginbe on the wheel.

-Luffy and Katakuri’s fight continues.

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