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Finally the long awaited season 2 of mob psycho 100 is out with its 1st episode. This review gives the event’s and happening in the Mob psycho 100 season 2 episode 1.

Spoilers ahead


-The episode opens up with Arataka Reigen with his client discussing an issue over a farm field involving a spirit. As usual the cleaning is done by Mob aka Shigeo. A new method of possession is shown where the spirit controls the living object’s cells and command them its wish.

-A society has been formed named The Psycho Helmet Cult which apparently don’t have a leader for now as they are searching for that person, and soon to be found as promised by Ichi Mezato the news reporter of the schoolnews club. Ahem… and the person is Shigeo Kageyama, sorry for the spoilers.

-Ichi Mezato wants Mob to be good at leading the The psycho helmet cult, and as the current president Shinji Kamuro steps down from his post for his bed doing. Ichi Mezato finds the perfect opportunity to push Mob to president post so that he can improve his leadership quality.

But unfortunately Mob chokes at acknowledgment speech and later loose the election. This leads to the biggest development to Mob’s life.

Mob gets a Girlfriend?

A girl named Emi proposes to Shigeo.

They walk together about a weak and one day Emi tells that she like to write novel and ask’s him if he wanted to read, but as you know Mob not the type having explicit expression which kind of hurts Emi.

Then the Truth…

Actually Mob turn down Emi’s proposal and just just walking with her so that she doesn’t feel bad.

But Emi herself was not true about it,as she tells Mob that it was just a prank played by her and friends since she lost a rock-paper-scissors match and found Mob to be funny at the speech.

Later Emi’s friend rip’s her novel but Mob again comes to save the day. And it was the first time he shows his psychic power to a stranger to collect the ripped papers, which was felt good by Takane Tsubomi who apperently is crush of mob.


I think there is going to be love triangle up for the coming episodes and new romance flavor into the show.

Thanks for reading.

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