Yeah people know him as the strongest man on earth, close to invincible human and respected even by other s-class hero’s. King is known for his strength and cool and calm personality.

So, Who is King?

King 29 years old and one of the Hero Association’s S-class hero’s who currently rank at no. 7, numbered after Metal Knight. He is tall and huge in appearance with three slash scar on left eye which he had got from a monster. As referred earlier he is considered the strongest man on earth even being in lower 7th rank and even respected by higher rank hero’s like Tatsumaki who ranks no. 2. He happens to have an elegant personality and give a deadly aura when confronted by the villains they themselves surrender from his appearance.

King is called the King Engine, as he gives a sound when about to fight or in battle which is actually the sound of his heart beating at rapid speed and said to be audible enough to heard by other’s. It is even said that the monster’s who had heard that sound has not lived to tell about it.

Is king really Strong?

Unfortunately he is Fake, just a coward who has been misunderstood by hero association as a Monster killer. Actually he can be said as the substitute for our one punch man ‘Saitama’ who had killed every monster but the credit for them gone to King. Yeah that’s the truth King is so much lucky or can say Unlucky to be nearby the location where the monster is been killed by Saitama, but as we know Saitama is a hero just for fun and didn’t want fame from it.

King is just a Otaku who is good at playing video games, who didn’t even had a job even being 29 years old when he was misunderstood by Hero Association as strong fighter and made him S-class hero even without actually confirming and he took it even after he was a fake.

When Saitama found out about king

In chapter 39, as usual King was confronted by a Robot but he ran away from there but Genos engaged in that battle, but Saitama followed King to his apartment. to find out that King’s strength was a lie and realization to King that Saitama was the one who defeated every monster and one who saved kings life. But Saitama didn’t care about that and ask King to get strong to face the monster’s.

Somewhere down King also had accepted that he was wrong about his decisions and just rolling in the money from Hero Association, but he was to coward to accept his truth.

Overall he is a good person who cares about others especially Saitama with whom he shares his video games, play together, have occasional meeting in Saitama’s apartment with other pal’s. They even formed a small group of teams consisting of Saitama, Genos, Silverfang, King and Fubuki.

My opinion on King

The first thing I hate about King is that even now he completely relies on Saitama even in crisis situation’s he expects Saitama to come and save the day, he even started to hangout with Saitama. I dont know that what his intentions are but when a monster is defeated by Saitama the credit directly goes to King even for the Big Centipede which was even giving trouble for Bang and Genos, by appearance of King, Saitama had completely destroyed it and the credit went to King as recognized by Hero Association.

I think he should quit being a fake hero as soon as possible as its good for his sake only as Saitama can’t be around every time which may lead to his death cause.

Overall he has a strong gravity to his presence but you cant deny the fact that he is a fake.

Thanks for reading.

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