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I’ve recently watched Dagashi Kashi anime, its not a anime you would particularly find anyone suggesting. I was just searching for a comedy genre when its name popped in a list on a website so I gave it a try.

If you loved growing up as kid were you couldn’t give up a single day having sweets or snacks brought from store on your way home from school and enjoy them eating with your friends then I would recommend you this anime to watch, since it depicts that sweets and snacks Japan offers and how are they enjoyed.


Its a story about a countryside shop named Shikada Dagashi which sells sweets and snacks, which is run by Shikada family and currently under Yo Shikada. Yo insists his son Kokonotsu Shikada to take over the shop but he refuses as his dream is to be a manga artist. One day Hotaru Shidare visits them and ask Yo to join their company with his expertise for snacks and sweets but he wanted Kokonotsu his son to inherit the shop and if she manages to convince Kokonotsu then only he will join her company.


Its a comedy oriented anime of high school aged students which include Hotaru Shidare who visits country side to recruit Yo Shikada who is the expert in snacks and sweet and owner of Shikada Dagashi and father of Kokonotsu Shikada whose dream is to be a manga artist and also looks after the shop in the absence of Yo and seemed to have a vast knowledge about sweets and snacks. A twin brother and sister To endo and Saya endo whose family runs a coffee shop around the corner, both being best friends of Kokonotsu.


The anime focuses on Japan’s snack and sweet culture, since the story orients around the sweet and snack shop Shikada Dagashi everything which is sold in the shop depicts its story of how that snack or sweet came into existence its relation to Japans culture. The center being Kokonotsu and Hotaru having challenges and games over the snacks.

Second thing is its a romcom, Saya having crush on Kokonotsu and Kokonotsu being kind of blunt and now Hotaru coming into the picture makes it completely fun.

You’ll find the teenage talk of To and Kokonotsu trying to get popular with girls, trying different schemes and goofing.

my opinion…

In my opinion you can try this anime for fun and if you want to know more about Japaneses culture in regard to it’s snacks and sweet. I loved watching those anime and hope you’ll also find it interesting.

Thanks for reading…

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I'm just a anime freak loves to watch them and share my thoughts.

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