What are the chances that Zoro actually somehow is related to Wano country, a figure who was taken away from Wano so that one day he could come back and be their savior?, Nah that sounds too cliche, but that could be true.

Now about Zoro’s possibility being related to Wano, till now Zoro’s real background has never been shown, the only thing which is shown is that when he was 10 year old going from dojo to dojo challenging them in fights and one day coming across a dojo in Shimotsuki Village faught the daughter of the dojo master but lost it so he trained there under Koushirou and became strong to challenge Kuina which he lost even the 2000th time, and then the tragic death of Kuine, after which he asked his master that let him have her sword Wado Ichimonji.

Now we also seen such story of Sanji where he was taken in by a pirate Jeff after his crew and Sanji’s working staff were drowned. Ther started Baratie. But his original past-story was revealed in Whole cake Island arc in which he actually belongs to Vinsmoke family and his run away from them due to not being strong enough and getting badly treated.

Coming to Zoro’s story, Zoro may be knowing about his origin to Wano or may not as he would be a small kid when he was taken away to safety. My theory here is that since is an excellent swords man he can be related to a Samurai but that is not enough proof anyone specializes in sword cannot be a samurai.

Now it has been shown since the encounter of Kin’emon that a samurai has his pride and it is everything to it. As we seen in Zoro’s case he has pride (not like Kin’emon which he always seems to boast about) but actual pride as a swordsman which could be his resemblance to a samurai.

It is never officially considered that Zoro is Luffy’f first mate of vice-captain of Straw hat, but Zoro always fight the second strongest in the opponent’s crew or association, like Pika, Kaku, Daz at different arcs. Even though all of them were tough to overcome he always believed that he can even on the brink of death he was victorious.

For the fight against Dracul Mihawk he was brutally brought to his knees but it was his pride that didn’t allow him to die by getting stabbed on back, so he surrendered himself and asked to cut him pridefully, which he was allowed to live by Mihawk.

Remember Ryuma from thriller bark island was a samurai from Wano Country who died and was turned into Zombie using Brooks Shadow to animate him. Ryuma was considered a strong Samurai who could kill dragon. When Zoro and Ryuma fought and Ryuma was defeated by Zoro where Ryuma gave his sword meito Shusui to Zoro which is one of the great 21 swords. As it was used by Ryuma it is considered as Wano’s treasure stated by Kin’emon.

It must be possible that Ryuma saw Zoro as potentially strong wielder to wield that sword so he agve that to Zoro or a Samurai’s instincts to recognize a Samurai blood.

.Now guys I’m not trying to prove Zoro as a Samurai but his Link to Wano.


The above points discussed can be proven Zoro to be a Samurai lineage but not for sure , if he is one then he can be from WANO which he may have forgotten or he kept it a secrete like Sanji did. There are many fan theories that he may be a royalty or so. But we will definitely get to see something big about Zoro for sure.

Thanks for reading.

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