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Yanko or say emperors of the sea are considered most dangerous among pirates, even government don’t seem very quick to go up against them such is the power they hold under them, yanko’s are basically pirate with large pirate groups supporting them or under them and ruling over a land which is considered their territory, and of-course wielding an extraordinary strength which is to be feared.

This post count’s Yanko and their strength/power, what type of devil fruit power they have, so lets begin the count.


Kaido’s power can be recognized when you understand that no one can win against kaido in one on one battle let it be on ground or sky, but cant say sea coz he is a devil fruit user which is a Mythical Zoan type devil fruit which allows Kaido to turn into Serpentine Dragon, a huge and long floating snake like dragon which can breath blasts enough to annihilate mountain’s. Kaido is the general of Beast pirates and currently dictates over Wano country and as his base. He has created a army of artificial Zoan devil fruit users which are more the 500 men. Kaido’s skin is so thick that even if he try to attempt suicide he doesn’t die, like jumping from 10000 meters from sky.

Marshall D. Teach

He recently become a Yanko though it’s been 2 year and and even expanded his troops. He has two devil fruit powers nobody knows how, one being Yami Yami no mi which is logia type fruit which allows its user to control and create darkness, remember Ace, even he fell against him and the other being Gura Gura no mi which is stole from Whitebeard at marinford war since we saw how disastrous that power is. The thing is, it is not surprising that he has two devil fruit powers but he can hold two devil fruit powers, however multiple devil abilities results in users death. Under him there are really deadly subordinates like Burgess and Shiliew, all are psychos. He is one of the biggest threat considered by world government.

Charlotte Linlin

Big mom or literally big mom in size as well as in number of children which are too many that to deadly fighters like Katakuri one of the sweet comander. She has Soru Soru no mi devil fruit powers which allows her to manipulate the souls, in my opinion it is not that great power in battle field for which to work the opponent should be feared to death from the user, considering the case of Jinbe when he confronted Big Mom without fear in Whole cake island arc, but gives advantage by using those soul into non-living objects and making them handy in fight. Her strength lies in her Haki which is way stronger even one blow was enough for Luffy. But her army of her kid too make a huge contribution to her strength.


Shanks power are still mysterious, not exact measure is given but he doesn’t have a devil fruit power because he believes its a curse for a pirate, making sea its enemy. But Shanks is strong enough or may be stronger that he took up against White beard, making their clash tor apart the sky. Shank’s Haki is said to be the strongest among all which is having advanced Conquerors haki which can crack ships just by increasing its intensity. During Marinford arc he was responsible for stopping Kaido for not interfering in the war and he also seems to have respect from Sengoku allowing him to retrieve Ace’s and Whitebeards body for giving them respectful burial. Shanks is steal a mystery and his crew have worldwide famous faces like Benn Backman.

My Opinion on Yanko’s

Even if a Yanko don’t have devil fruit power like Shanks or others having devil fruit power, they are all damn strong which make them Yanko’s and fearful. They Command High power underthem in the face of their commanders which we have already seen like Katakuri or Burgess. But until now we never seen them in a real battle just stories of their strength or fight. Hope we’ll get soon as we are in Wano arc.

Thanks for reading.

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