Kurozumi Orochi is the shogan (ruler) of Wano country in affiliation with Kaido one of the Yanko of the sea. Orochi allowed Kaido to overtake parts of Wano in return of protection and alliance. Orochi is said to be cruel and can do anything for his interest. Under Orochi’s reign the people and land of Wano has vastly suffered, turning wide areas of Wano into wastelands and bringing famines to it’s people.

in chaper no 929 we saw that Orochi is having a meeting with CP-0, as you know after the seize of jokar of underworld that is Doflamingo who was supplier of weaponry to the not only to pirates but to CP-0 as well, there’s been shortage for the supply, and we know that Orochi and Kaido has put together factories to produce weapons.

So the meeting is about the weapon supplies from Orochi, but Orochi stated that he has everything but in return for the deal he’ll take Dr. Vegapunk, Orochi also stated that he dont fear anyone, not world government not marines. He even fired a shot with gun at the CP-0.

Dr. Vegapunk?

His one of the greatest Scientist whose technological invention so advanced that it is said to be 500 years advanced of the current technology. The one who modified
Bartholomew Kuma into Pacifista. And also was blamed for Punk Hazard incident.

Why Orochi wants Dr. Vegapunk?

As stated by Orochi that Wano was self sufficient country and it has everything within it so it didn’t need anything from outside. So the only thing which is needed is a super brain which come as Dr. Vegapunk one of the genius mind. The only possible reason for Orochi needing Vegapunk is to produce mass destruction weapon to take on outside world, as he don’t fear anyone having protection from Kaido.

Orochi would be knowing Dr. Vegapunks worth daring to ask for him in exchange of weaponry.

My thoughts

I don’t think Dr. Vegapunk is a thing of CP-0 to control him as world government wouldn’t want to loose the one of their brilliant minds. As for weaponry supply its just not worth losing Something priceless over weapons.

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