Monkey D. Luffy chase’s a dream to be the King of Pirates with his bunch of nakama’s having their own goals to attain, he has proven it multiple time’s that he’s very much determined to achieve that goal. He is brave, never backs down from tough situation’s no matter what.

The King of the Pirate’s is a individual who is the strongest and owes the legendary treasure ‘One Piece’ which is hidden away deep in grand line on the last island the ‘Raftel’ by the previous King of the Pirate’s Gol D. Roger, the road to which only can be found by deciphering the Poneglyph, which are located in different parts of the world one even being in the sky island.

Luffy has great determination but it’s not enough in the world of pirates where cruelty rules. Over the years Luffy and his friend has grown strong and advanced forward with every new member joining the group. defeating/overcoming every obstacle coming in their way.

Recently Monkey D. Luffy was named the fifth Yanko of the sea by Morgan in his newspaper article, which has brought a huge hype throughout the world, every marine to Yanko reacting to it.

A Yanko is one of the three powers in One Piece world other two being Warlords and Marines’s, Yanko are forces with great powers and influence over world having their own territories and islands they rule. Shanks, Kaido, Big Mom and Blackbeard (after killing Whitebeard) being current Yanko’s. We have seen what whitebeard was capable of in Marineford war as well as we got what blackbeard made up of enslaving two devil fruit power’s under his fist. Big Mom’s monstrous strength was demonstrated in Whole cake island and for Kaido we already got what of a monster he is(for manga readers). As for Shanks, he might not be having the devil fruit power, but his Haki alone is a deadly one as in the fight between Whitebeard and Shanks had it proven, but not accurate measure of his power.

But does Luffy matches any of them? by far Luffy has gone up against Blackbeard, Big Mom and Kaido, for Blackbeard he was not exactly interested in fighting, as for Big Mom it was like child’s play against Luffy, kaido’s one blow was enough for Luffy. for Shanks they are cool as buddy-buddy.

Luffy has measured up against the commander of the Yanko’s in case katakuri, it can safely said he is growing in strength currently as yanko commander level and vice admirals as well as the Warlord’s level. But not at Yanko level. Luffy has pretty distance to cover to reach that strength of a Yanko.

It is true that Luffy has Straw Hat Grand Fleet under him and lots of support from different countries which he has saved like Alabaster kingdom, Dressrosa and more. Apparently germa 66 was misunderstood as Luffy’s alliance by Morgans. Luffy has lot of support but as a individual not enough power as a Yanko.


Luffy is not officially recognized as the Yanko by world government, but he has been considered as the great threat to the world. To become the King of the Pirates he has to defeat great forces which would automatically make him strongest or true Yanko or may be even great the King of the pirates.

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