The market is full of many different type of operating system’s particularly for smartphone’s, as you might have an idea the top dogs like Android and IOS has the majority of the market or can be said roughly 96%, in which Android hold’s the gun at whooping 72% worldwide.

Basically what is android OS?

Android is a operating system developed by Google, which is a modified version of Linux Kernel and other open source software’s, designed for touchscreen mobile devices like smartphone’s, on which you run your android application’s.

As Brand like Google backing a product will definitely give some gravity to that product, gaining the trust of the customers. Another thing is that there are many cheap phones in the market capable of running thousands of different app provided the required hardware support. As an average customer anyone would go for a budget phone with average usage if he/she is not a tech savvy which would be an Android device(mostly suggested).

This is the only thing that beats IOS as this operating system come only in Iphone device unlike its competitor Android which is manufactured almost in most of the devices as the operating system of that device. Anyone would agree that Iphone pack’s high quality, features which are unbeatable but comes with high price tag. Whereas android devices provide reasonable features and price combinations.

As Android has open source developing environment goes by Android studio, many inspiring developers are developing their own app and publishing it on google play store. As anyone can publish their app unless it doesn’t follow Google Policy’s.

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Those applications which don’t follow this policy’s are banned from the play store and you wont find them in it. Though they can be downloaded and installed from external sources but at your own risk. Some application may may satisfy every policy but they may cause lethal damage to your data, as you may see that some app require multiple permissions for it to start without which some app don’t even start unless you give them permission.

It is not always the bad case to give permission when you have trust in that app or was suggested by someone you know. But there’s been cases that app company use user’s data for purposes which are not meant to be used for, which are directly banned from play stores.

Google strictly keep check of rules and regulation.


Android App are not dangerous if they are legitimately downloaded from Play store. If its android its just didn’t reached the top like that.

I would say its safe until you take precautions.


Thanks for reading.

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